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Nell Forster is a Brisbane based Australian music producer and engineer who is currently active within studio production and live sound engineering. Having graduated from her degree in Music Technology in 2015, she has progressed to become the sole owner and operator of The Moon Room Recording Studio, boasting an impressive collection of high end vintage and modern outboard gear and microphones. She has also been hired to engineer sessions at numerous other recording studios both in Brisbane and in Melbourne and has an extensive list of clients.


Since moving on from her role as Production Manager and Booking Agent for The Bearded Lady, West End during 2016 - 2019, Nell continues to work as a freelance sound engineer for various venues and festivals throughout QLD’s south east and northern NSW.

Studio Clients

Full Power Happy Hour


God Of The Goats

Harrison Knight



Hugo Stranger And The Rattlers

Jai Sparks

Marcus Blacke

Melissa Fraser



Pack Animals

Paddy McHugh

Pat Kenny

Ragtone Ramblers

Studio Clients

Ramblin' Ash

Rhyece O'Neill

Rival Territory



Sarah Stockholm


Slow Songs

Spook Hill

Stapylton Street

Sweet Formidables

The Duke

The Goldhearts

Water for Whiskey

Wolf Wolf Wolf



Bartley's Folly

Being Jane Lane

Belligerent Goat

Ben Shock

Black Dog Cat Band

Black Sun



Bronwen Gray

Brothers Bukowski

Cameron Milford


Dennis Duigan

Edith Thomas Furey

Freight Train Foxes

The Moon Room

The Moon Room

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Studio Equipment


Allen & Heath GS3000 analogue console

Lynx Aurora 16 AD/DA converter

Bryston 3B SST2 Pro Stereo Amplifier

Quested H-108 monitors

​Aurora Audio GTQ2 MKIII dual channel (Neve 1073 type mic pre/EQ designed by Geoff Tanner)

Tube Tech CL-2A dual channel tube/opto compressor (LA2 inspired)

Alan Smart C2 dual channel compressor with crush feature

Ampex A440C line amps (modified by Geoff Squires) (2x)

Wunder PEQ-1 (custom pre)

MCI 500 dual channel mic pre/EQ

Auditronics 501 dual channel mic pre/EQ

Focusrite ISA 220 (Classic Rupert Neve channel strip)

Focusrite RED2 dual channel EQ

API 5500 dual channel EQ

Focusrite RED3 dual channel VCA compressor

Daking FET II compressor (2x)

Teletronix LA2

Valley People Dynamite compressor

Universal Audio La4 (2x linked)

ADM 1530 duel channel EQ

Condenser Microphones:

Neumann KM74

Audio Technica AT5040 Quad rect. diaphragm 

Beez Neez Arabella Producer mutli-pattern valve (U47 inspired)

C414 TL-II mutli-pattern

AKG C451/CK1 SD pencil

Beez Neez “LULU” FET pencil cardioid (2x)

OPR ELAM C12/251 multi pattern valve

OPR 84 pencil cardioid (2x) 

Sennheiser e901 boundary plate

Dynamic Microphones:

Sennheiser MD441

Sennheiser MD421

Sennheiser E902 

Sennheiser MD409 U3

Sennheiser E906 (2x)

Sennheiser E604 (2x) 

Audix D6 

AKG D112

AKG D40 

Beyer Dynamic M88

Shure SM57 (2x)

Electro Voice RE10​​

Ribbon Microphones:

Beyer Dynamic M-160 cardioid

OPR The Grill (R-121 inspired)

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